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By Louis Polome, General Manager at Spectrem Air. Amid the global shift towards a low-carbon future, the need for lower-carbon sources of energy is growing rapidly. This has created massive demand for certain commodities and has intensified the search for these critical minerals and metals. Demand for minerals is expected to grow in the coming years as green technologies have much higher mineral needs. Airborne geophysics exploration company, Spectrem Air, is at the forefront of advanced mineral exploration having pioneered one of the industry’s most advanced airborne electromagnetic (AEM) technologies that are advancing the search for the minerals and metals that are vital to the global energy transition. All indications are that current and planned mines are not enough to meet future demand which implies a need for increased mapping and exploration.

Unleashing the power of airborne electromagnetic technology
Spectrem Air’s AEM technology can collect, process and deliver reliable mineral exploration data. Using innovative airborne electromagnetic sensing techniques, it provides unprecedented insight into the physical properties of materials beneath the surface to great depths. The technology captures precise electromagnetic data that enables the identification and characterisation of large mineral deposits with outstanding accuracy.

The AEM technology provides a comprehensive view of subsurface exploration and there is the potential for new discoveries of mineral deposits using cutting-edge geological data. The high-resolution sensors detect subtle differences in electromagnetic responses and provide valuable information about the presence and characteristics of mineral deposits. By optimising targeting accuracy, Spectrem Air’s AEM technology enables geologists and exploration teams to make more informed decisions and focus their exploration efforts on regions with the best prospects for exploration success especially in areas under cover where the geology is often poorly known.

Conventional methods often involve lengthy ground surveys that can be time-consuming, costly, and frequently not welcome by communities. AEM technology overcomes these hurdles and enables large-scale aerial surveys to be completed effectively, also minimising the inherent safety risk associated with geological exploration on the ground. By capturing large amounts of data over vast regions, exploration times are significantly reduced. This not only minimises costs but also speeds up the discovery and development of vital mineral resources that are essential for new mineral discovery, meeting future energy needs, and sustainable mining practices.

More precise mineral deposit identification may lead to more responsible mineral development
The energy transition is not only about securing sufficient mineral resources but also about ensuring sustainable and responsible environmental practices are adhered to when developing these resources. Spectrem Air’s AEM technology plays a key role in this regard. By identifying potential targets with enhanced accuracy, mining companies can better plan mining activities in an environmentally conscious manner. This leads to increased geological mapping and better exploration. With high-resolution, accurate geological data, mining companies can limit surface disruption, minimise disruption to communities and comply with stringent environmental regulations.


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