Spectrem Air is a leading and experienced airborne geophysics exploration company. We are a team of professional experts that collect, process, and deliver reliable data to help you discover what is under cover. With our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration with recognised industry experts, we pride ourselves on advancing the scientific frontier in AEM.

 We have pioneered some of the industry’s most significant advances in airborne electromagnetic technology since its original development 35-years ago. To date, we have collected and processed data from nearly 2.5-million line kilometres over five continents. We aim to be at the forefront of data acquisition, processing, and interpretation by continuously developing new hardware and software technologies that enhance our services to our clients.

We offer complete integrated 3D solutions and interpreted data for Geological Mapping, Mineral Exploration, Geo-hydrology, and Geo-engineering with the ability to simultaneously map shallow (<100m) and deep (>500m) features with a high level of resolution. 


Louis Polome

General Manager

Brad Pitts

Geophysics Manager

Carel Lubbe

Technical Manager

Louis started his career as a Geophysicist with Anglo American before moving to Anglovaal Mining where he served as a Geophysics Manager then Chief Geophysicist for almost two decades. In 2001, Louis joined Spectrem Air as General Manager, overseeing the day-today data acquisition, processing, interpretation, and production of final R&D project reports.

Brad has served as a section Geophysicist at Anglo American and later De Beers, where he managed all airborne geophysical surveys in Africa. His experience in the region led him to Exploration and Country Manager roles, overseeing research and exploration projects in Central, West and Southern Africa before serving as an Executive Director for Connect Resource Services in Mongolia. Currently, Brad serves as a committee member at the South African Geophysical Association (SAGA) alongside his Geophysics Manager role at Spectrem Air. 

Carel has over 15 years’ experience in airborne geophysics with a passion for electronic, software, aerodynamic and mechanical development. As a project manager on the SpectremPLUS project, Carel led the development of the new EM loop structure and new Transmitter array. He is currently overseeing the new EM receiver bird as well as a new lighter weight, all-inclusive data acquisition system.

Michael Brinkcate

Chief Pilot

Michael Cox

Finance and Administration Manager

Piet van Rensburg

Operations Manager

Michael B qualified as a pilot in the South African Airforce, before serving as a corporate and regional airline pilot, having accumulated over 7800 hours of flying. In 2011, Michael joined Spectrem Air as a pilot.

Michael C served in the South African Army before starting his career at Barclays Bank. He later joined Anglo American, heading the Namakwa Sands Exploration Finance Department. In 1999, Michael joined Spectrem Air as the Finance and Admin Officer.

Piet served as a Service Manager at Thermo Electron, an NYSE-listed entity that provides analytical instruments and services for research across various industries. Piet joined Spectrem Air as a Service Operator before his current role as Operations Manager in 2008.