System Operator – Field Duties

Role and Responsibilities:

The System Operator’s broad function is to operate, repair, and service the aerial survey equipment.


The System Operator’s primary responsibility is for the operation of the equipment on board the aircraft for the specific purpose of collecting survey data of an acceptable quality. He is responsible for the procedures in respect of the operation of the survey equipment as detailed in the check lists devised for the Spectrem Air AEM system These lists detail the exact operation of the system and shall be abided to at all times.

Duties. The System Operator’s duties include:

• The pre-flight preparation and inspection of the airborne geophysical equipment.
• A cursory functional inspection of the AEM system components before departing on survey.
• A security check of the AEM system components.
• Checking that adequate supplies of consumable materials are carried on board the aircraft.
• The preparation of the AEM bird prior to departure (i.e. pumping suspension system).
• Launching and retrieval of the birds as required.
• Powering of all equipment and functional verification of the equipment.
• In-flight safety with regard to the AEM system.
• Verification of the acceptability of the data.
• Operation of all AEM system equipment.
• Monitoring of data noise levels.
• Termination of the survey if determined necessary.
• In-flight systems repair where feasible
• Repairs to electronic components, boards, or equipment which have failed during survey operations or which are damaged by other means. This may involve a certain degree of reverse engineering.
• Repair of non-electronic components of the AEM system as necessary.
• Any additional task as directed by the Party Chief or the Spectrem Air project Manager.
• Responsibility for the safe-guarding of all the data collected on survey, and its delivery to the processing team.
• In the absence of either the party chief or the Spectrem Air Operations manager on board the aircraft, the Duty Operator will act as survey coordinator whilst airborne.
• The Duty Operator will be familiar with all emergency procedures including the location and use of fire extinguishers, life vests and the life raft. In an emergency, and as directed by the PIC, he will assist all passengers on board in the event of an emergency evacuation, as well as the deployment of the life raft in the event of ditching in water.


When away from base, the Duty Operator is accountable to the Party Chief and ultimately the Spectrem Air Operations Manager.

System Operator – Office Duties

Role and Responsibilities:

Research, design, develop, repair and test electronic components and systems to enhance Spectrem Air’s capabilities to operate and excel in the field of Airborne Geophysical Surveying.

Research & Development
• Contribute to the development of new technologies by adhering to the internal requirements set and by consulting with various external sources where required.
• Propose new initiative for improvement to current designs and systems by adhering to the internal requirements.
• Prepare R&D project feasibility studies and proposals, as defined by the Electronic Manager.
• Meet project budget, target dates and specifications.
• Assemble, test and repair electronic components, according to procedures, technical manuals and knowledge of electronic experience.
• Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops/courses and reviewing professional publications.
• Perform physical hands-on tasks during various stages of assembly and testing.
• Attend meetings (toolbox, technical, general).
• Perform any other related duty assigned by the Electronic Manager.

Repair and Maintenance
• Perform repairs, preventative maintenance or calibration in a timely manner as per procedures.
• Compile comprehensive reports during the testing or repairing phases as per Spectrem ISO requirements.

ISO Compliance.
• Comply with the set Spectrem ISO procedures at all times.
• Continuously update technical documents in order to maintain an up to date Spectrem ISO system (Documents, Procedures, etc)
• Compile the required documents when new systems are developed and implemented

SHE & General
• Always conduct your work in a safe and orderly manner according to Spectrem Safety Policy and Standards.
• Work together as a team at all times.

• Reporting should be done to the Spectrem Electronic Manager

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