SPECTREM AIR uses in-house data processing tools to provide the client with results in a timely manner. Our routine data processing is done during data acquisition resulting in a quicker turn-around to clients and preliminary maps made available after each sortie.

Standard processed deliverables include:Interpretation copy

  • Late Time constant (Tau) and Conductivity Depth Images (CDIs)
  • EM channel and Total magnetic intensity (TMI) grids
  • Anomaly picks (depth, dip, conductance)
  • Regolith thickness map
  • High resolution DTM
  • Radiometric grids (K, U, Th and Total Count)

SPECTREM AIR has a full suite of high-end data interpretation tools, from which several useful products can be derived

  • Depth to conductors
  • Structural/lineament maps
  • 3D conductivity maps

Additional deliverables would include a range of:

  • 1D inversion models
  • 3D Inversion conductivity models
  • 3D inversion magnetic models

Our 3D interpretation platforms allows us to develop accurate and reliable solid earth models by constrained or unconstrained 3D inversion of geophysical datasets, and integrating downhole petrological and petro-physical logs. With access to latest super-computing clusters and mega-model generation and visualization capability, SPECTREM AIR provides quick turn-around of interpreted products.